In 2016, the first study class of BBS and education center in renji, Shanghai, was successfully held in Shanghai.

In 2016, the first study class of BBS and education center in renji, Shanghai, was successfully held in Shanghai.


  Golden autumn in October, with the fragrance of osmanthus fragrant in the 172 - year - old yan chai hospital affiliated to Shanghai jiaotong university school of medicine, beth, sponsored by the yan chai hospital, Beijing 2016 Shanghai biological technology co., LTD., to undertake yan chai hospital trauma orthopaedics peak BBS and beth da yan chai education center first class on October 15 to 16, successfully held in Shanghai.



  Li weiping, President of Shanghai renji hospital, fu zhiqi, chairman of Beijing beisida biotechnology co., LTD., and liu zud, director of orthopaedic department of renji hospital, attended the opening ceremony of BBS.

  The meeting invited sichuan university huaxi hospital affiliated fu-kuo huang, a professor at zhejiang university school of medicine, the second hospital professor pan yue-hua sun professor, Shanghai ninth people's hospital, the first people's hospital professor qiu-gen wang, ruijin hospital professor wang lei, changhai hospital professor shirakuni t, changzheng hospital, xinhua hospital Liu Hua ai-min Chen professor, professor of tongji hospital yun-feng Yang, eagle professor zhou, the tenth people's hospital professor zheng slope, professor yan chai hospital yu-qi dong and WeiMin, hu guangyu, juck, li yu, zhou jian and other domestic leading experts in the field of trauma & other; Progress of complex fracture and complications of fracture. Topics are taught and Shared. There are more than 230 participants in the BBS, with participants from nearly 20 provinces and cities across the country.



  The two-day workshop will be divided into two parts: the report and the actual operation.



  On October 15 report at the meeting, experts speeches respectively the "complex intertrochanteric fracture treatment strategy", "the surgical treatment of elbow joint stiffness", "the principle of locking plate use", "old distal radius fracture treatment", "advances in the treatment of sacral fractures", "fracture around the prosthesis treatment", "treatment of proximal humeral fractures" intertrochanteric fracture failure after overhaul, "ankle joint lateral collateral ligament injury and treatment strategy", "fracture of shoulder, after the surgery," "perioperative treatment" hip fracture and so on more than 10 field report. During the period, nearly 230 seats in the lecture hall were filled. No matter from 3 cities doctor, or doctors from YunChuan your remote regions, the students always listen carefully and with great questions interaction, and then the problems in the clinical work, communicate with professors are discussed.

  On October 16, the students came to Shanghai jiaotong university school of medicine in anatomy teaching and research section, a team led by director yu-qi dong intramedullary nailing of humerus, distal humerus (universal lock) before surgery, elbow coronoid process the medial approach, arthroscopic shoulder demonstration, tibia platform posterolateral approach and so on has carried on the autopsy demonstration operation, more than 40 students learn while in the actual operation, to learn the other watched the live broadcast operation broadcast more than 100 students.

  In view of the practicality of BBS and anatomy course design, a large number of practical cases and dissecting operation demonstrations have been reported, which have greatly benefited students. Two days of courses, students from theory to practice, in-depth understanding of the trauma orthopaedic concept and treatment technology. The meeting was widely praised by the participants, and the students reflected that the study was full of actual combat and rich contents, which would be of great guiding significance for the future clinical work.

  In order to share this course with more doctors, the conference was broadcast live on the Internet, with nearly 2,000 people watching it online. After the meeting, we can review all the courses of BBS and anatomy demonstration through relevant links. As of press release, nearly 3,000 people have attended the course.


Bethda Shanghai.

Writing: qiu aiying.




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