32 kinds of domestic medical equipment received policy support

32 kinds of domestic medical equipment received policy support


On January 31, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released a new directory of domestic equipment support, which is also the "Guiding Catalog for the Promotion and Application of Major Technical Equipment of the First Taiwan (Set) (2017 Edition)."

Compared to the 2016 version of Support Directory, the company noted that there has been a significant change in the 2017 directory of support content, some of the segments of medical device products have been removed from the support directory, while others have been added. At the same time, the main technical indicators in the catalog of medical equipment have also changed, the higher requirements for related businesses and products.

Support domestic medical equipment, greater efforts

The first (set) to promote the use of the country launched a major initiative to support China, the purpose is to implement the "Made in China 2025", stronger Chinese equipment.

The policy specifically for the first time into the marketing stage of major technical equipment products. Enterprise products meet the directory requirements, identified as the first sets of products, can enjoy the national and local financial premium subsidies to promote the incentive funds, the government procurement priorities, such as VAT refund and other preferential policies and benefits.

For innovative medical device companies and products, this policy can be described as tailor-made, great good to its market. The industry has entered the catalog of corporate products, the successful sale of the top three, but also get a lot of businesses subsidies, income effect is significant.

Since the release of the first set of policies, up to now, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has launched a total of 4 versions of the first (sets) of major technical equipment to promote the use of guidance directory, respectively, 2015 edition, 2015 second edition, 2016 edition, 2017 edition.

Each version of the directory list is different, the latter version of the release, the previous version abolished at the same time.

Comparing the list of 4 medical equipment products under the four catalogs shows that over time, the number of medical device products included in the catalog is growing.

There are only 8 types of medical equipment products included in the 2015 edition, increasing from 11 in 2015 to 2 in 2016, up to 21 in 2016 and up to 32 in 2017.

In 2018, a total of 32 kinds of domestic medical equipment will directly benefit from the first set of policies, far exceeding those in previous years; for the first time some products are also included in some segments. It can also be seen that the state has made increasing efforts to bring domestic medical devices to the market and into the hospital.

However, at the same time, the national standards for the certification of some of the first products are also getting higher and higher.

For example, the product of the superconductive magnetic resonance medical imaging system, the earliest technical indicators required "the number of channels and radiofrequency system ≥8 channels" and then increased to "≥16 channels", the latest one added "zero liquid helium volatilization; Gradient field strength ≥ 33mT / m, gradient switching rate ≥ 125T / m / s "requirements.

Automatic biochemical analysis system, the earliest technical indicators require "test rate ≥ 1600 times / h; reagent bit ≥ 60; minimum sample volume 2μl; wavelength ≥ 10 absorbance linear range ≥ 2.5A", the latest requirements of "detection speed ≥2000T / h; Reagent bit≥100, with online loading function; minimum reaction volume≤100μL; wavelength≥12; linear range of absorbance: 0 ~ 3.5Abs; temperature control device: ± 0.2 ℃.


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